It’s time to talk about image-based sexual abuse.

You may never have heard of it, but as many as five percent of New Zealanders are all too familiar with the harm caused by image-based sexual abuse.
Image-based sexual abuse (IBSA) is defined as the non-consensual sharing of private sexual materials, or threat of doing so.

PRESS RELEASE 20 MAY 2021: Aviva Lip-Sync Battle - Raising Funds for Family Violence Services Across Canterbury

Have you ever watched a lip-sync battle and wished you could give it a go yourself? Or is there a music video that you’ve always been obsessed with and wanted to emulate? Now you can.

Maria Financially Rebuilds Herself Over a Decade-Long Journey with Aviva

“I saw this lovely lady. She was comforting and made me feel like a person. She also never judged my situation, which started to give me hope that there are good people out there wanting to help.”

Hayley Find the Support She Didn't Know She Needed

Hayley came to The Loft looking for support with mental health difficulties and changing her benefits. She did not come looking for family or sexual violence services, but when she found Aviva, she realised it was exactly what she needed.

How Tonia Supports Her Clients By Being a Bit Extra

“I don’t care what you’ve done, or what your partner or child has done. If you are willing to do the mahi and take in that education, you can come to us.”

Partnering for Children and Young People

The Launch Foundation has built a new home unlike any other, where every dollar raised from its sale goes to charities like Aviva supporting children and young people to live happy, healthy lives.