People Experiencing Violence

Need help now?

If you are in immediate danger dial 111. If you are not in immediate danger, but need help call 0800 28482 669 to speak to one of our team.

“Now I look forward to the future rather than fearing it.” - Aviva client

Aviva supports all people affected by violence to connect with their strengths and create a positive vision for a safer, fulfilling life.

Who can access support from Aviva?

Anybody, of any age who is experiencing (or has experienced) family and/or sexual violence, abuse, or harm can be helped and supported by Aviva.


We support people of all genders, faiths and ethnicities. We have services for adults, youth and children.


All of our services are free and available to all people who meet our criteria; you do not need to enter a Safe House or to have left your relationship to access our services.

How do I know if what I’m experiencing is violence/abuse?

Maybe you're not sure that your relationship is actually an abusive one because there is no physical violence. It's important to note that you do not need to have experienced physical violence; your experience may be of emotional, psychological, economic or sexual abuse. The most obvious sign that something is wrong is if you or your children feel scared.

For more information and guidance, read 'what is abuse?' or complete the relationship check.


How can Aviva help?
  • We can support you in gaining protection orders, accessing financial support, linking to Kainga Ora, and accessing support networks
  • We can advocate for your and support you to upgrade the security of your home once the violent person has left
  • We provide short and long-term support, depending on yours and your family’s needs
  • We offer Courageous Steps, our Ministry of Justice approved education programme on family violence, to support you in making the changes you would like to make (for more information on Courageous Steps, see our education programme brochures)
What can I expect from Aviva?
  • You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours of your request, except over the weekend where you may not be contacted until the next working day. If you don't hear from us, we may have called, but we don't leave messages until we check with you that it is safe to do so.
  • We provide high quality support and intervention; being told your rights; receiving a clear explanation of what we do.
  • You can expect to receive information on safety planning and support networks, and quality advocacy to other services.
  • We generally meet clients in our Community Offices but can be flexible and meet elsewhere, as long as it is safe.



Contact Us

  • Call us on (03) 378 3847 or 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669) - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for people in Canterbury
  • Email [email protected] (this inbox is checked Monday-Friday, 9-5)
  • If you are a social service or other referring agency, please complete a referral form and forward to Aviva by email


Relationship Check - Quiz