Reach Out

“He just listened to me, and I found I actually wanted to talk.” - ReachOut client

Everyone deserves a life free from Family Violence. Sometimes that means reaching out and getting support to become violence free. If anger, violence, or abuse is affecting your relationships, or those of someone you know, then getting that support is important. The journey to a violence-free future does not need to be travelled alone.

What is ReachOut?

ReachOut is a service offered to anyone who wants support to move away from a life of relationship conflict, anger and/or violence.

With effective support, people who use violence can build safer and more respectful, fulfilling relationships which are not overshadowed by harmful behaviours. 

ReachOut is a free service that operates in Christchurch, North Canterbury and Selwyn district areas.


Who is ReachOut for?

ReachOut is for people who use, or are at risk of using violence and need support to develop healthy relationships.


How do I know if ReachOut is for me?

Do you recognise yourself in any of the following statements?

  • I worry that my partner/ whānau may be afraid of me.
  • I feel jealous of who my partner / children / whānau see and where they go.
  • I feel suspicious of my partner’s calls, texts, emails, family or friends.
  • I feel worried about your emotions, including anger and the way I react at times
  • My children see or hear me arguing or fighting
  • I’d like to have a better relationship, free from anger and abuse

If you identified with any of these statements, now is a good time to reach out and get some support.

How can Aviva help?
  • ReachOut will work with you to develop a personalised plan to work towards more positive relationships. In follow-up meetings we will work through those steps with you.
  • You also have support via our 24-hour 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669) free-phone number.
  • Working with ReachOut can also make children and partners safer, and increase whole-family wellbeing
What can I expect from Aviva?
  • You can expect to be supported, listened to and respected.
  • We will help you identify personal goals and work at a pace that suits you.
  • We consider all aspects of your life, including your partner and children (if you have them).
  • After you have made contact, we will talk to you on the phone. Then we will arrange to meet at an Aviva office or another location (e.g. café).


Contact Us

  • Call us on (03) 378 3847 or 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669) - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for people in Canterbury
  • Email [email protected] (this inbox is checked Monday-Friday, 9-5)
  • If you are a social service or other referring agency, please complete a referral form and forward to Aviva by email