Leave a Bequest

"I’d come face to face with the results of domestic abuse while working in family law and in women’s health. […] I believe that the assistance provided by organisations such as Aviva will continue to be required for many years to come, and as such, Aviva is a worthy recipient of a bequest."

Leave a lasting impression

Most of us want to make the world a better place, particularly for those who will inherit a society they did not create. Sometimes working out how to make that difference seems too overwhelming to contemplate, but there is an easy way for some of us to help future New Zealanders – leaving a gift in our will.

By choosing to leave a bequest to Aviva, you are choosing leave a legacy of support for a violence-free Aotearoa.

Types of bequests

There are three types of bequests:

1.   Residual Bequest - the remainder of your estate after the general and specific bequests have been paid. Many supporters find this is the simplest way to support us after ensuring that provisions have been made to those closest to them.

2.   General Bequest - usually a fixed sum of money or percentage of the total value of your estate. Solicitors often advise that you review fixed sums regularly to account for inflation.

3.   Specific Bequest - a gift of a particular piece of property such as a house, furniture, or jewellery. For this type of gift, we recommend contacting Aviva ahead of making your bequest to discuss how such a gift may be utilised or how to manage the transfer of property.

How Do I Make a Bequest to Aviva?

We recommend contacting your lawyer or a solicitor for expert advice. If you decide to leave a gift to Aviva we suggest using the following wording:

“I give to Aviva (incorporating Christchurch Women’s Refuge) Charitable Trust, The Loft, Level 1, Eastgate Shopping Centre, [the residue of my estate / a ___% share of my estate / the sum of $_____] for its general purposes. A receipt given on behalf of the Aviva Charitable Trust will be a complete discharge to my trustees for the gift.”

Official legal name: Aviva (incorporating Christchurch Women’s Refuge) Charitable Trust
Registered Charity Number: CC53151


The Loft, Level 1, Eastgate Shopping Centre
PO Box 24161, City East, Christchurch 8141

The nature of Aviva’s work can and has changed over time. In order to ensure that Aviva does not find themselves in a position where they cannot accept your gift due to changes in service, we recommend that your gift remain unspecific and available for overall services. If you would like to discuss specific wishes, please contact us at [email protected]

Let us know how we can help

If you are considering making a bequest and would like to discuss this, please contact [email protected] or phone 03 378 3847. If you decide to make a bequest, we would appreciate you letting us know. This will be a great help with forward planning and will also enable us to thank you personally.