ReachOut Community Outreach Service

What is ReachOut?

ReachOut is a service offered to anyone who wants support to move away from a life of relationship conflict, anger and/or violence.

We know that with effective support, people at risk of using violence can build safer and more respectful, fulfilling relationships which are not overshadowed by harmful behaviours.

ReachOut provides that support so that people can create more satisfying, safe and meaningful relationships in all aspects of their lives. 

ReachOut is  a free service which currently supports people in Christchurch, North Canterbury and Selwyn district areas. It was originally developed in partnership with North Canterbury Police, and used information from Police Incident Reports to make contact with the person using violence. Although starting as a service for men, ReachOut is now available to people of any gender.

Many people come to ReachOut through self-referrals, and we also receive referrals from other agencies within the community. Regardless of the pathway into the service, each person identifies their own needs and goals. In our work, we consider all aspects of our client’s lives, including their partners and children.

If you are interested in learning more about accessing our services for yourself or your family please call our 0800 line. If you are an external agency wanting to refer a client you can find our referral forms here.

What do we do?

We work in a supportive and respectful way at a pace that suits the individual.

Following an initial telephone conversation we will arrange to meet at an Aviva office or other mutually agreeable location e.g. cafe. ReachOut will work with you to mutually develop a personalised plan to work towards more positive relationships, and in follow-up meetings we will work through those steps with you. You also have support via our 24-hour 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669) free-phone number.

In addition to supporting people to achieve safer and more fulfilling relationships our experience shows that working with ReachOut can:

1)    Enable children and partners to become safer;

2)    Increase whole of family wellbeing;

3)    Reduce the social impact of family violence outside the home;

4)    Ease the use of Police resources to deal with repeat incidents of family violence.

What can you do to be safe if an incident occurs? 

Make a Safety Plan that involves Getting Out; having a Contact Support Person; and Getting Professional Help - read more here

Download the ReachOut brochure here (please note this is in the process of being updated to gender-neutral language; 14/12/18); and download a referral form here.

Read personal stories of change from people who are moving away from violence with the support of the ReachOut programme.

ReachOut was featured on Marae Investigates in mid 2013 and you can read an independent evaluation of ReachOut’s effectiveness