Will You Help Build a Safer Future for Our Children?

30th of April, 2019

Tania CollectingIt’s appeal time once more and that means we need your help again! The more wonderful supporters we have helping us in some way, the more funds we can raise; that is important as over 40% ($800,000) of the money required to provide the free services that our community needs comes from fundraising. 

Last year, Tania (our appeal coordinator extraordinaire) was determined to see us raise $25,000 for our Annual Street Collection. We’d recruited more volunteers than ever before and in the past few years had raised around $22,000, so she thought it was in the bag! And whilst 2018 was one of our bigger street collections, we didn’t quite get to the $25,000 goal.

Can you help us get there this year? Every cent raised will go towards ensuring we can provide support to children and young people who have experienced family violence to create the safer, brighter futures that they deserve. Did you know that children are present in 80% of family violence incidents and, without support, the effects can stay with them their entire life? But with YOUR help, we can help.

Here’s how you can help:

How your donation can help:

  • $25 helps fund our driving service to collect children for their weekly group education programme and return them to school
  • $65 will ensure that support is available via our 24-hour phone line during the night, weekends and public holidays
  • $300 buys morning tea and resources (such as worry dolls and boxes) for a children’s group for a term
  • $1,900 enables a child or young person to undertake a life-changing 10-week education programme

Thank you for being part of a caring community.