Standing Up for Safer Homes

24th of April, 2017

Mike Pero

We’re very excited to announce the appointment of a new ambassador - Mike Pero.

Mike is a well-known entrepreneur and businessman who has made his name in the mortgage and real estate industry in New Zealand. Mike Pero Real Estate currently has over 50 branches throughout New Zealand and his businesses have a strong synergy with Aviva – Mike Pero, like Aviva, want to see people in homes that are not only comfortable, but also safe.

The decision to join Aviva as an ambassador was also a personal one for Mike. “As a child I grew up with violence in my home. My dad was Pacific Island and he had been brought up to believe that discipline was a physical thing. I know he meant well but he just did not understand how to handle himself with my mother, my siblings and I. I experienced the fear that comes with that, of being a kid and calling the Police to our home, and seeing just how destructive he was to our family and our home.”

Mike grew up in various homes between Linwood and Aranui, close to where Aviva is currently based within The Loft (in Eastgate Shopping Centre). He is keen to help young people see that with determination you can overcome experiences of childhood violence, and that you can set goals of your own and leave the past behind you.

Mike initially trained and worked as a motorcycle mechanic, and then went on to become six times New Zealand Motorcycle Road Racing Champion, from 1977–82. Today he is the Patron for Motorcycling New Zealand. He also flew as an airline pilot in his late twenties and has operated a wide range of businesses from commuter airlines to flight simulators and, today, real estate.

Mike is married to Rachel and they have five children between them. Helping Aviva to raise awareness of its services, especially those for young people and for men overcoming violence, was a great fit. Having met some of the Aviva team at the City2Surf Mike was immediately interested in becoming involved in the work. “I didn’t have to think twice about it” he says. “Family is so important to me; as a father and husband I do not want to see or hear about other men using violence in the family home. I’m proud to stand up and say I’m against family violence and, if by lending my voice and support to this cause I can make a difference, then I am keen to do it. I wish that there had been someone to help my dad and our family when I was younger.”