Spreading the Christmas Joy

18th of December, 2018

Christmas has snuck up on us again! The time has gone so quickly and now we’re preparing for the wonderful experience of receiving gifts from you, our supporters, for the people who use Aviva’s services.

Whilst the reality of some of their lives may be challenging, people’s joy (including our own!) at seeing the kindness and support that comes in at Christmas (and during the year) is a truly amazing gift.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you could help others with Christmas gifts, here are some suggestions:

  • Petrol vouchers
  • Grocery vouchers
  • The Warehouse, other store or Mall vouchers
  • Phone top-ups
  • Christmas-type treats
  • Entertainment passes for families
  • Christmas gifts for all ages and all genders e.g. toiletry sets, jewellery, sports gear, family games etc
  • Wrapping paper and gift tags

Remember that we support boys and men too!

Thank you so much for helping spread the joy of Christmas and the holidays to others in our communities.