Sexual Assault Support for Ashburton

18th of December, 2018

The Sexual Assault Support Service Canterbury is spreading further, having added the Ashburton region in April. SASSC is now available in Christchurch, North Canterbury, Selwyn and Ashburton. Currently Ashburton-based clients are supported by phone support (available 24-hours a day), or people can be assisted to come to Rolleston’s weekly clinics or to Christchurch if that is preferable. The SASSC team hope to operate a monthly clinic in Ashburton in the early new year.

Overcoming the effects of sexual harm takes time and support. No matter whether it happened last week, or ten years ago, SASSC is help available any time of the night or day on (03) 377 5402. If you would like to become a volunteer support person for SASSC, please email [email protected]