Let's Talk Me Korero!

18th of December, 2018

Leading up to Christmas we’ve been running a “Let’s Talk Me Korero” campaign, offering tips to help start conversations related to family or sexual violence, signs to look for if you’re concerned about someone, and what to do if you are worried for yourself or others. We’ve thought about how we can all use the opportunities that naturally exist for us to make safe spaces for conversations – even challenging ones - about family violence commonplace. Here are some ideas:

  • The next time you see behaviour or hear language that concerns you, challenge it
  • The next headline you read about someone hurt or killed by a family member, start a conversation about it with your family, friends or workmates
  • When you next have a little spare time, read more about family violence in New Zealand and really find out how it really does affect all of us on some level
  • If you’re open to having conversations too – no matter what, no matter when – then download our Let’s Talk Facebook photo frame or get your Let’s Talk badge so that people know you’re a Let’s Talk Champion.

You can also visit our Facebook page and read – or offer - some other ideas on how we can activate conversation and change, so that organisations like Aviva won’t be needed in 45 more years’ time. Visit us on Facebook or our website (avivafamilies.org.nz – click the Let’s Talk logo), get involved, and start talking!) #LetsTalk