Hui Provides Opportunity to Recharge and Share

2nd of May, 2019

Todd Hui ParticipantsIn 2015 Aviva was fortunate enough to be chosen to receive a five-year funding partnership with the Todd Foundation. Each year the Foundation gathers its funding recipients together to share their progress, and to talk and think strategically about their varied work. The hui enables the various funding recipients to share and learn together, something they rarely otherwise get to do.

This year the hui was in Christchurch, hosted by Aviva and the Champion Centre, with the theme of collaboration, connection and transformation. Thirty-nine attendees from all over New Zealand participated in a range of presentations and social events over two days and nights. The hui opened at The Champion Centre, a local charity working with young children with disabilities and their families. This was a time to re-connect with hui participants from previous years, get to know new ones, explore what The Champion Centre does, and set the scene for the next two days.

The following day the hui moved to The Loft, a perfect example of collaboration and transformation in how it brings together a wide range of service partners to better support the wellbeing of Christchurch people. Aviva shared its own 46-year long journey of collaboration, connecting and transformation in our approach to addressing family violence. Facilitator Chris Mene provided a range of exercises that provided opportunities for participants to reflect on how the hui themes might impact their own work back in their home agencies and communities. The final day was spent at the new central library, TÅ«ranga, with Kilmarnock Enterprises sharing their own journey of transformation in moving from a charity model to a thriving social enterprise.

Feedback on the hui was overwhelmingly positive, and perhaps best summed up by one participant who reminds us all why social and community organisations are so important: “I'm grateful for the reminder that behind every organisation is a group of committed people who are there to do good work for their community.”