Aviva Activators

18th of December, 2018

Join the club! Aviva Activators is the name we’ve given to all the people who are acting on behalf of Aviva to raise funds and awareness.

The first group of Aviva Activators used their passion for running in the Queenstown marathon to also fundraise for Aviva. In their case, they were very active!

But an Aviva Activator doesn’t have to own running shoes. There are many ways you can activate conversations and also activate others to support you (and us) along the way.  For instance, Grace (with her mum’s help) made and sold heat bags to raise funds for toiletries for our clients; Alexia quit sugar for a month and got friends to sponsor her; Livia sold bath bombs; Denis organised a music quiz; and 9Round Fitness held sausage sizzles!

If you’re taking part in an event like a run, planning a garage sale or suggesting a ‘casual Friday’ at work, perhaps you could use your activity to raise awareness about family violence and even raise some funds to help provide the services and support so many Cantabrians need. And if you are planning on getting active somehow, remember to let us know; you can register on our website - http://activators.avivafamilies.org.nz/ - so that we can help you, help us!