Addressing Family Violence with 'Ideas worth Sharing'

23rd of November, 2017

A four-minute speech as part of a ‘Broadly Speaking’ evening earlier in the year led to an invitation for our CEO, Nicola Woodward, to present her thoughts about contemporary approaches to addressing family violence at the TEDx Christchurch event in September. TEDx is an international movement that brings people together to spark discussion and share thought-provoking ideas – “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

Nicola shared her views on the need to reframe our approaches to family violence. In particular she challenged the notion that refuge - first established in New Zealand in 1973 by Christchurch Women’s Refuge - should still be our default response in 2017 for those experiencing violence.

Nicola explained, “I believe that the concept of refuge in contemporary New Zealand society is paradoxical and unjust. As women, we are not intrinsically vulnerable to violence. Vulnerability is the consequence of extrinsic inequalities. Remove these and we remove the need for protection.”

You can watch Nicola’s talk at the TEDx Christchurch YouTube site