Hui Provides Opportunity to Recharge and Share

2nd of May, 2019

Todd Hui ParticipantsIn 2015 Aviva was fortunate enough to be chosen to receive a five-year funding partnership with the Todd Foundation. Each year the Foundation gathers its funding recipients together to share their progress, and to talk and think strategically about their varied work. The hui enables the various funding recipients to share and learn together, something they rarely otherwise get to do.

This year the hui was in Christchurch, hosted by Aviva and the Champion Centre, with the theme of collaboration, connection and transformation. Thirty-nine attendees from all over New Zealand participated in a range of presentations and social events over two days and nights. The hui opened at The Champion Centre, a local charity working with young children with disabilities and their families. This was a time to re-connect with hui participants from previous years, get to know new ones, explore what The Champion Centre does, and set the scene for the next two days.

The following day the hui moved to The Loft, a perfect example of collaboration and transformation in how it brings together a wide range of service partners to better support the wellbeing of Christchurch people. Aviva shared its own 46-year long journey of collaboration, connecting and transformation in our approach to addressing family violence. Facilitator Chris Mene provided a range of exercises that provided opportunities for participants to reflect on how the hui themes might impact their own work back in their home agencies and communities. The final day was spent at the new central library, TÅ«ranga, with Kilmarnock Enterprises sharing their own journey of transformation in moving from a charity model to a thriving social enterprise.

Feedback on the hui was overwhelmingly positive, and perhaps best summed up by one participant who reminds us all why social and community organisations are so important: “I'm grateful for the reminder that behind every organisation is a group of committed people who are there to do good work for their community.”


Thank You to Our Supporters

2nd of May, 2019

Aviva Activators at the City2SurfAs always, we want to say thank you for your support over the last few months. It is our privilege to be able to pass on your caring and good will to so many in our community. With your help we aim to generate $800,000 each year on top of our contract income so that together we can keep supporting our friends, neighbours, colleagues and families to live free from the effects of violence.

Recent Funders:

  • Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust for contributing to Family Support Worker wages
  • One Foundation for helping keep our 0800 AVIVA NOW line operating after-hours
  • Air Rescue Services for supporting our marketing and promotion efforts
  • Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury for making face-to-face support for sexual assault easier to access from Ashburton
  • Rata Foundation for contributing to management and Family Support Worker wages
  • The Southern Trust for contributing to Family Support Worker and Education Coordinator Wages
  • The Strathlachlan Fund for enabling the continuation of [email protected]
  • Roy Owen Dixey Charitable Trust for helping keep our 0800 AVIVA NOW line operating after-hours
  • New Zealand Communities Growth Trust for covering costs related to our 0800 AVIVA NOW line in office hours

Other Supporters:

  • Drummond Inheritance Fund
  • The Jones Foundation
  • Sensi Holdings
  • The Jean Stanbury Family Trust
  • Kaiapoi Anglican Parish
  • Lions Club of Rangiora
  • Inland Revenue Customer Compliance Services
  • Scenic Hotel Group
  • Deloitte


  • Our Aviva Activator City2Surf team
  • Brown Bread, through their Broadly Speaking event
  • Rangi Ruru, Christ’s College, and St Margaret’s College

There are many more of you who have supported people experiencing and overcoming family violence recently. We can’t mention every one of you by name and don’t mention individuals for privacy reasons but please know that the children, young people, adults and families you’ve helped on their journey really appreciate all the support you give to them, through us. Every bit of your generosity contributes to improving someone’s life in some way, so THANKS to you all.


Will You Help Build a Safer Future for Our Children?

30th of April, 2019

Tania CollectingIt’s appeal time once more and that means we need your help again! The more wonderful supporters we have helping us in some way, the more funds we can raise; that is important as over 40% ($800,000) of the money required to provide the free services that our community needs comes from fundraising. 

Last year, Tania (our appeal coordinator extraordinaire) was determined to see us raise $25,000 for our Annual Street Collection. We’d recruited more volunteers than ever before and in the past few years had raised around $22,000, so she thought it was in the bag! And whilst 2018 was one of our bigger street collections, we didn’t quite get to the $25,000 goal.

Can you help us get there this year? Every cent raised will go towards ensuring we can provide support to children and young people who have experienced family violence to create the safer, brighter futures that they deserve. Did you know that children are present in 80% of family violence incidents and, without support, the effects can stay with them their entire life? But with YOUR help, we can help.

Here’s how you can help:

How your donation can help:

  • $25 helps fund our driving service to collect children for their weekly group education programme and return them to school
  • $65 will ensure that support is available via our 24-hour phone line during the night, weekends and public holidays
  • $300 buys morning tea and resources (such as worry dolls and boxes) for a children’s group for a term
  • $1,900 enables a child or young person to undertake a life-changing 10-week education programme

Thank you for being part of a caring community.


Child Wellbeing and Protection Training

19th of March, 2019

Workshops to Support Community, Family and Child Wellbeing 

Aviva, with support from Child Matters, has developed a training opportunity designed to look at factors that impact on the wellbeing of children and their families. Two versions of the trainisng have been developed and piloted - one for members fo the community, and one for those who work with children.

This April we will offfer the workshops to those who work with children. The two-day training takes place on Wednesdays 17 and 24 April, from 9am-5pm. This training is designed to increase understanding of what parents and caregivers want and need to help ensure child and whanau wellbeing.

This is an opportunity to help you unpack and reflect on a variety of topics related to child and whanau safety and wellbeing, from the viewpoint of those with lived experience.

The training includes:

  • highlighting the complexities families face when seeking support; 
  • the barriers this can create for families & professionals &; 
  • the value & importance of having a kind, nurturing & collective response to abuse & trauma.

“The training was absolutely fantastic. The approach was fresh & provided a space to be honest and learn from others in the room” 2018 participant.

Where: The Loft, First Floor, Eastgate Mall, Linwood, Christchurch

Investment: $300 plus gst. Lunch, refreshments & resources included 

For more information contact [email protected] or to register, click here


Thanks to Our Supporters

18th of December, 2018

As always, we have a lot of people to thank! Many people have gifted us donations ranging from handmade jerseys through to furniture for clients – thank you for always being here when we put the call out for support. Thanks also to all our individual donors, those who give regularly or occasionally – your support is invaluable to us.

These generous funders are key investors in our work and we want to acknowledge their commitment to making families safer:


Pub Charity                                                                  

Lottery Grants Board                                                         

Catholic Diocese of Christchurch/The Tindall Foundation   

Christchurch City Council                                               

New Zealand Community Trust                                             

Kelliher Charitable Trust                                                      

Health Promotion Agency                                                  

ANZ Staff Foundation                                                     

Maurice Carter Charitable Trust                                        

Keith Laugeson Charitable Trust                                    

Macpac Fund for Good                                       

George Sevicke Jones Trust                                                  

Von Burns Charitable Trust                                                    

Anstiss-Garland Charitable Trust                                            

Supporters and Fundraisers

The students, staff and families of Christ’s College, who over the course of the year have raised almost $13,000 for Aviva

Cornerstone Rides, which organised a Stands Up for Aviva motorbike ride and celebration, raising $3,300

Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise, Grace Communication International, 9Rounds Fitness and Nia Dance Jam for their support


Spreading the Christmas Joy

18th of December, 2018

Christmas has snuck up on us again! The time has gone so quickly and now we’re preparing for the wonderful experience of receiving gifts from you, our supporters, for the people who use Aviva’s services.

Whilst the reality of some of their lives may be challenging, people’s joy (including our own!) at seeing the kindness and support that comes in at Christmas (and during the year) is a truly amazing gift.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you could help others with Christmas gifts, here are some suggestions:

  • Petrol vouchers
  • Grocery vouchers
  • The Warehouse, other store or Mall vouchers
  • Phone top-ups
  • Christmas-type treats
  • Entertainment passes for families
  • Christmas gifts for all ages and all genders e.g. toiletry sets, jewellery, sports gear, family games etc
  • Wrapping paper and gift tags

Remember that we support boys and men too!

Thank you so much for helping spread the joy of Christmas and the holidays to others in our communities.


Leaving a Lasting Impression

18th of December, 2018

Most of us want to make the world a better place, particularly for those who will inherit a society they did not create. Sometimes working out how to make that difference seems too overwhelming to contemplate, but there is an easy way for some of us to help future New Zealanders – leaving a gift in our will.

Making a will is something we as Kiwis are notoriously bad at doing, but it is crucial for your family and loved ones as, without a will, taking care of your assets is a complicated business. When planning or updating a will you can also consider including a legacy or bequest along with your other gifts to family and friends. These gifts cost nothing while we are still here enjoying life but ensure that part of our assets can be committed to supporting a cause we care about. In Aviva’s case, that is about making our families and communities safer places for our young people and children to grow up in, and to ensure that there are resources to minimise, or even eliminate, the enduring impacts of family or sexual violence.

Recently Aviva was told that it would be the recipient of a bequest made via the new Christchurch Foundation. Our supporter, Frida*, tells why she made sure she got a will, and why she chose to make gifts to charities in it.

“I’d come face to face with the results of domestic abuse while working in family law and in women’s health. Consequently, I’ve known about women’s refuges for around 30 – 40 years, and supported them with donations of both goods and cash in Auckland and later in Christchurch on moving here.

“When my brother was diagnosed with cancer, we had a number of discussions about wills and bequests generally, and following his death I gave a great deal of thought as to where I would like my assets to go, and how they might be administered to best effect.

“My decision to utilise the Christchurch Foundation was a piece of good timing. Having recently moved from Auckland, and following the death of two of my previous beneficiaries, it was necessary to draft a new will. At the time I was giving thought to making charitable bequests, information about charitable foundations crossed my desk and on making enquiries of the parent organisation, I was put in touch with the Christchurch Foundation.  Jodie Shaw of that organisation was of great assistance, providing me with considerable information on a variety of charities, and I selected three which most closely matched my beliefs and values. Aviva was one of those charities. Sadly, I believe that the assistance provided by organisations such as Aviva will continue to be required for many years to come, and as such, Aviva is a worthy recipient of a bequest.

“You spend a lot of years acquiring assets, and if you die without a will (intestate), those assets may be divided in a manner not in accord with what you might have wanted, especially considering the very fluid nature of relationships, with blended families becoming increasingly more common.

“I would strongly recommend that everyone give thought to drafting a will as soon as you start acquiring assets (Kiwisaver, for example), and revisit the provisions of your will every 10 years or so, or when a major change in your life occurs – a new partnership, birth of children, or death of a family member for example. A bequest made through a charitable foundation such as the Christchurch Foundation gives you the additional confidence that your bequest will continue to receive the scrutiny of the Foundation.

If you are interested in leaving a gift in your will to Aviva, please contact us to discuss your wishes. You can leave a legacy gift directly to us in your will (with your lawyer’s advice), or utilise a Foundation, as Frida did. Either way, maybe now it’s the time to think about what your legacy will be after you’ve gone. How will you leave the world a better, safer place for the children of today, who will become the adults of tomorrow?


Sexual Assault Support for Ashburton

18th of December, 2018

The Sexual Assault Support Service Canterbury is spreading further, having added the Ashburton region in April. SASSC is now available in Christchurch, North Canterbury, Selwyn and Ashburton. Currently Ashburton-based clients are supported by phone support (available 24-hours a day), or people can be assisted to come to Rolleston’s weekly clinics or to Christchurch if that is preferable. The SASSC team hope to operate a monthly clinic in Ashburton in the early new year.

Overcoming the effects of sexual harm takes time and support. No matter whether it happened last week, or ten years ago, SASSC is help available any time of the night or day on (03) 377 5402. If you would like to become a volunteer support person for SASSC, please email [email protected]


A Listening Ear Down the Phone Line

18th of December, 2018

Recently we have launched an awareness campaign is ‘Let’s Talk’, encouraging all people to bring family and sexual violence out of the shadows by having conversations that question why violence is so prevalent in our society. An important part of that conversation is being there for people when they want to talk, because family and sexual violence doesn’t keep office hours or take holidays. It can happen at any time, on any day - even Christmas and New Year.

Lara Moses has worked on Aviva’s 0800 AVIVA NOW line for almost three years, first starting when she was volunteering at Aviva. Although she then became a full-time staff member, and now works at TÅ«ranga, she continued to undertake shifts on the after-hours line. The reason is simple –“It’s important that people have someone there when they need to talk” Lara says. “And you’re helping people - it’s a nice feeling when you know you’re making a difference.”

The needs of those who call during the day are different to those who call after hours she says. “During the day, people may be asking things like ‘can you recommend a good counsellor’, but after hours it’s because of more immediate needs. A crisis may have just happened. That is why it is so important to be there 24-hours a day. I’ve sat with people for an hour while they talk and cry. I wish that some other support lines were available 24-hours as well, because they may be more relevant for what’s occurring for this person – they just need someone to listen.”

Lara says it’s particularly common for women who call to minimise what has happened, commenting that they are being ‘over-emotional’, or ‘overdramatising’, whereas men are less likely to consider what has happened to them as abuse. In either case, an important part of Lara’s support is to validate their experience and the fact they have reached out. “Making that call is hard, but there is no judgement here. We really do understand.”

With the support of dedicated people like Lara, Aviva is committed to being available 24-hours a day to anyone who needs support, advice or help to become safe; our 0800 AVIVA NOW line can be literally a lifeline for some people. We received over 4,000 calls for support and advice last year (1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018) alone, but this lifeline is unfunded. If you want to make sure someone can talk and be listened to, any time of the night or day, please use the donation slip with this newsletter to ensure phone support is available 24-hours a day. #LetsTalk. Let’s listen too.


Aviva Activators

18th of December, 2018

Join the club! Aviva Activators is the name we’ve given to all the people who are acting on behalf of Aviva to raise funds and awareness.

The first group of Aviva Activators used their passion for running in the Queenstown marathon to also fundraise for Aviva. In their case, they were very active!

But an Aviva Activator doesn’t have to own running shoes. There are many ways you can activate conversations and also activate others to support you (and us) along the way.  For instance, Grace (with her mum’s help) made and sold heat bags to raise funds for toiletries for our clients; Alexia quit sugar for a month and got friends to sponsor her; Livia sold bath bombs; Denis organised a music quiz; and 9Round Fitness held sausage sizzles!

If you’re taking part in an event like a run, planning a garage sale or suggesting a ‘casual Friday’ at work, perhaps you could use your activity to raise awareness about family violence and even raise some funds to help provide the services and support so many Cantabrians need. And if you are planning on getting active somehow, remember to let us know; you can register on our website - - so that we can help you, help us!