Supporting young people to create healthy relationships

Adolescence and teen years represent critical periods in which young people form a sense of self, build relationships, and explore personal boundaries. We must support young people to develop responses that support those who have been exposed to violence to break the cycle and not repeat those behaviours themselves.

Entering your teen years and early adulthood can be a time of stress, fear, rejection, anxiety, confusion, depression and anger. If you are also experiencing trauma, an unsettling home life, or difficult relationships, then it can seem all the more overwhelming.

Aviva's Youth Service gives young people the opportunity and choice to create healthier relationships by empowering them to become aware of what an unhealthy or unsafe relationship looks like. We can share tools that will help them to develop and maintain healthy relationships in their lives.

Is violence or abuse hurting you?

Young people are affected by violence or abuse whether they experience it directly, or witness it. They may then go on to have difficulty with their own anger and struggle to develop healthy relationships. 

These relationships could be with intimate partners, parent/caregivers, step-parents, family members or any other important person in their life.

Aviva provides a free, confidential and individualised service for each young person, using a therapeutic educational approach. 

Support from Aviva is available 24-hours and it's free. Call 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669).