The Canterbury Context for Shine [email protected] Service

Aviva believes that the safest place for all people should be their homes and that, in order to achieve this, we need to enable homes to become violence free.

For many years, the pathway from family violence to safety has been for adults and children experiencing violence to leave their homes and move to alternative accommodation. Following this pathway requires an already vulnerable person, who often has children, to find alternative accommodation or enter a Safe House for short-term safety. This further entrenches social isolation and introduces the risk of homelessness, especially in a region such as Canterbury where affordable, safe housing is in short supply.

Shine [email protected] Canterbury: A collaborative response to family violence

Shine [email protected] in Canterbury is an adaptation of a service developed in 2008 by Auckland-based agency Shine. Shine's [email protected] aims to enable women and children at risk of repeat family violence to remain safely at home and in a familiar environment, rather than enter a Safe House or other temporary accommodation. The service makes the homes of adults and children at risk of repeat or severe family violence safer by installing a range of practical security measures. These may include security lighting and alarms; door and window restrictors, peepholes; or creating an internal safe room. Once secured, the house is visited by the NZ Fire Service to ensure that exits are still accessible and install smoke detectors.

Delivered in Canterbury by Aviva, Shine [email protected] offers adults and children the choice of remaining in a physically safe home, connected with supportive friends and family within their own community, whilst simultaneously receiving specialist support and advice to move towards a life free from violence, either with or without their partner. 

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Accessing Shine [email protected] in Canterbury

Clients will generally be identified from the high risk police reports of family violence, which we regularly receive from Police and are discussed at weekly meetings of the Family Violence Round Table. All women meeting the eligibility criteria will be able to access the service (subject to capacity), irrespective of the local Refuge or Agency with which they are engaged.

Aviva employs a Service Co-Ordinator to receive and review referrals, facilitate access to the service and provide a range of social work and family support services to optimise home security and personal safety.

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