Safer, in Your Own Home

Everyone has the right to be safe in their own home.

Making homes safer enables families to avoid further trauma and disruption but, for many years, the pathway away from family violence to safety has required those experiencing violence to leave their homes - temporarily or permanently. That requires traumatised people to leave familiarity of their home, neighbourhood, school and/or work.

We don't think that's the best answer, or a fair one.

Aviva believes that, wherever possible, adults and children should be supported to become safe in their own homes by removing the violence, not the family. This is a fair and more sustainable approach to long-term safety and wellbeing.

[email protected] Canterbury: A different response to safety

[email protected] is an adaptation of a service developed in 2008 by Auckland-based agency Shine. [email protected] enables adults and children at risk of repeat family violence to remain safely at home and in a familiar environment, rather than enter a Safe House or other temporary accommodation.

We make assessments for our clients within 48 hours of a referral by one of our team. Then, we'll make your home safer by installing a range of practical security measures which may include security lighting and alarms; door and window restrictors, peepholes; or creating an internal safe room. Once secured, the house is visited by the NZ Fire Service to ensure that exits are still accessible and install smoke detectors.

[email protected] offers adults and children the choice of remaining in a physically safe home, connected with supportive friends and family within their own community. At the same time you'll receive specialist support and advice to move towards a life free from violence. 

Read how Karen became safer thanks to [email protected] after leaving an obsessive relationship. 

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