Voices of Lived Experience

Success stories from children and adults who have overcome family violence with the support of Aviva:

Watch and listen to April's story. April was a Peer Support Specialist with Aviva, and spoke at our 40th anniversary and rebrand event in 2013.

Read how Karen became safer with Shine [email protected] after leaving an obsessive relationship. 

Read Kim's story - leaving a marriage at 40 and starting over with nothing

Read Gemma's story and how after 15 years she became violence-free.

Read how Lynda got her love of life back after years with a controlling partner.

Read Haley's story and how she finally made the move to leave a violent situation.

Read how Vanessa and her children left behind years of manipulation and psychological abuse.

Read how a No Interest Loan helped Jessie get back on her feet.

Watch and listen to Brian's story. Brian is an ambassador for the White Ribbon campaign and spoke at our 40th anniversary and rebrand event in 2013.

Read Paul's story and how ReachOut supported him to deal with his anger - for the sake of his family and for himself.

Read Cameron's story of facing up to family violence with support of ReachOut.

Children's Stories

Read about 11 year old Cathy's brighter future following her experience in the Tamariki Programme

Read how Richard and Anthony "changed 100%"