Services for Children 

Children are often the powerless victims of violence. Their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing can be impacted for years to come, and it is our shared responsibility to protect and support them.

Aviva first established specialist Children's Services in 1998, because children have different needs than adults, and different experiences of family violence.

Our services for children include an early intervention and prevention Tamariki programme. This is designed to promote wellbeing and help break the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence. Our group programmes are approved by the Ministry of Justice and we have Child, Youth and Family accreditation. Education can alo be given one-on-one or in small groups of 2-3 in rural areas.

The programmes can help children begin to make sense of what is happening to them. Children will undergo an assessment before commencing the programme, as well as one mid-way. The parent/care-giver will also be involved in this process.

The group programme facilitators (there are always two) encourage children to talk by undertaking activities and games that create a safe space which allows children to share. Each child can express themselves if and when they wish to, but only through respectful relationship behaviours.

The range of topics covered includes:

  • talking about what ‘abuse’ is (at a child’s level, of course); good touch/bad touch;
  • positive experiences;
  • self-esteem strengthening;
  • personal stories and experiences;
  • when parents fight;
  • responsibility for violence and;
  • safety planning e.g. where to hide if there is a violent episode in the home.

If you'd like to learn more about accessing our services for a child in your life, please call 0800 AVIVA NOW. If you are an external agency wanting to refer a client you can find our referral forms here.

Download a brochure on our Children's Services.

Read about 11 year old Cathy's brighter future following her experience in the Tamariki Programme

“Aviva encouraged my son to do the Tamarirki (children’s) programme. Everyone, including the school principal, has noticed a vast improvement.”
Mother whose son did the programme with us.