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“Finally someone got where I was coming from and was on my side.” - Purposeful Peer Support client

Everybody deserves to live a life free from violence and abuse, but the journey towards a violence-free future can be long and challenging. Others that have traveled that path are here at Aviva to walk alongside you.

Who is Aviva’s purposeful peer support for?

Aviva’s purposeful peer support is for anyone who has experienced, or used violence or abuse. It is for people of all genders, who have experience of both historic and recent violence or abuse.

What is purposeful peer support?

Aviva Purposeful Peer Support connects you with another person who has used or experienced violence/abuse, and moved on to a life free from violence.

Peer support is founded on mutual understanding, acceptance, trust, and shared knowledge of how to become and remain safe.

There are no assessments or pre-determined outcomes, and you can access peer support for whatever part of your journey you are on.

We offer both one-on-one peer support, and workshops. For details of upcoming workshops, see below.

Upcoming courses and workshops

Aviva's Purposeful Peer Support Service often runs workshops to empower communities and professionals to better support people. For details of upcoming courses, see below:

purposeful peer support workshop

delivered over 8 weeks

Purposeful Peer Support is about people who have successfully overcome family violence gaining skills to support others. This training includes: developing self awareness; stigma and discrimination; the effects of trauma; self care; boundaries; communication skills and more.

Criteria for training:

  • You identify as someone who has overcome family violence
  • You're not currently in a violent or abusive relationship
  • You're committed to personal development & willing to learn
  • You want to share what you have learned through personal experience
  • You have sufficient time to attend the whole course & complete homework tasks (graduation is not possible if minimum session requirement is not met)
  • You can read, understand & write English at
    high school level


Course runs every Thursday from 12 August 2021 at Ashburton Public Library, Havelock Street

To register your interest, complete the form below.

For more information, contact [email protected]



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Do you identify as a person who has overcome family violence
Are you currently in a violent/abusive relationship?
Are you committed to personal development and willing to learn?
Have you viewed the workshop outline?
Do you have sufficient time to attend the whole workshop?
Do you have the desire to use what you have learnt through your personal experience of overcoming family violence to inspire hope in the lives of others?
Are you comfortable to train in a mixed group (men & women)?

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