Announcing our Partnership with Gourmet Brothers

Aviva is excited to announce a new partnership with Gourmet Brothers, a Christchurch-based company providing ready-made, sustainable, and health-conscious meals to Kiwis nationwide.

Gourmet Brothers has committed to donate $0.50 back to Aviva for every meal purchased.

The two organisations are a perfect match. Whilst every year, Aviva supports thousands of Canterbury’s most vulnerable families, Gourmet Brothers also cares for the wellbeing of the community by providing people with healthy, affordable, locally produced meals.

With Covid-19 continuing to impact our communities and leading to increased rates of family and sexual violence, Gourmet Brothers has stepped up to do their part to help.

“It's not just food that we provide; it's a lifestyle, a mindset, a genuine care,” says Sid Bhogal, Director of Gourmet Brothers. “This partnership is an excellent way for Gourmet Brothers to give back to the community by taking this initiative of fundraising for Aviva via everyday sales.”

Most importantly, Gourmet Brothers’ support of Aviva will be ongoing and will not end with the pandemic. As if tasty, nutritious meals are not reason enough to check them out, knowing that you’re directly supporting Aviva certainly will be. Find out more about Gourmet Brothers at